Rebecca Lyons

Rebecca has over 20 plus years experience working in the polymer industry gaining a deep understanding of the challenges of manufacturers in many sectors from food packaging and production, cosmetics, medical device to construction and automotive.

A strong foundation in business and accounting, as a CIMA-qualified accountant and MBA holder, sets Rebecca up as a safe pair of hands who understands the processes underpinning every well-run business.  Finding elegant solutions to complex business issues through the effective deployment of IT, especially accounts and ERP systems, is what lights her up.

However, it is her commercial antenna, fine-tuned from a start in retail and distribution, that sets her apart.  With extensive experience in fostering the strategic relationships that are crucial to growing any business, Rebecca has worked on behalf of clients with financial institutions, customers and international vendors negotiating well-crafted deals for mutual advancement.

Working with organisations varying in size from blue-chip multinationals to sole traders may be par for the course but Rebecca’s natural home is in the SME sector.  She enjoys getting stuck in at every level and rolling her sleeves up to deliver results.

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On-demand financial solutions

Better than an accounting firm

I help ambitious businesses who need the skills of an experienced, savvy financial controller on a part-time or ad-hoc basis. You know there are savings to be made and systems that could be improved …but you don’t have the time. Maybe your business just does not justify a full-time financial controller yet.

Accounting firms don't offer the breadth of experience that I can bring to producing financials, particularly around integrating accounts with other departments and creating systems that are efficient and allow businesses to scale more easily. I’ve “walked the walk” for over 20 years.