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I help SMEs implement lean methodologies to streamline operations and increase competitiveness.  We then weave these new practices into the business so that waste is continuously eliminated as the business evolves.                                                          


Get in touch to discuss tailored training workshops across:

  • Lean tools and implementation,
  • Innovation and start-up bootcamps,
  • Spreadsheets for business owners and managers.


I guide SMEs through the digital transformation journey, ensuring a smooth and effective adoption of new technologies.  Whether that’s a digital audit, system selection support for accounting and ERP solutions or planning a large-scale digital project.

mentoring support

Provide personalized mentoring to help start-ups and SMEs develop robust business plans, secure funding, and navigate growth challenges.                                                                                      

On-demand financial solutions

Better than an accounting firm

I help ambitious businesses who need the skills of an experienced, savvy financial controller on a part-time or ad-hoc basis. You know there are savings to be made and systems that could be improved …but you don’t have the time. Maybe your business just does not justify a full-time financial controller yet.

Accounting firms don't offer the breadth of experience that I can bring to producing financials, particularly around integrating accounts with other departments and creating systems that are efficient and allow businesses to scale more easily. I’ve “walked the walk” for over 20 years.

Value-for-money Audit

€480 (with money back guarantee)

Conducting a Value for Money Audit involves identifying a number of areas for cost savings. BEXL will find double our fee in savings or your money back.

Business Plan and Grant Application

Starting at €1200

I work with clients to put together well-crafted business plans and grant application forms.

Management Review and Reporting

€970 (including stock and credit control reporting)

Let’s work together to create a system of monthly checks and balances across various business activities, to get a sense of where attention might be needed.

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Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Management Review & Reporting

Manufacturing business

A manufacturing client’s business had successfully grown. The company was well served with strong book-keeping procedures and staff. However, the managing director no longer had the same time to devote to financial oversight and yet the business did not justify another accounts staff member.

I liaised with the managing director to create a system of monthly checks and balances across various business activities and with particular focus on stock and cashflow reporting.

Now every month, the Managing Director receives a one-page traffic-light report that allows him to get a sense of where attention might be needed at a glance. Opportunities for cost savings and process optimisation etc are included to feed into the company’s Continuous Improvement projects. The report pack incorporates a colour-coded cash flow report to identify which areas to target for liquidity improvements.

Business Plan / Grant

Food Ingredient Business

A food ingredient client identified the acquisition of a particular UK-based company as an opportunity to broaden their business’s footprint and increase their export capacity.

I worked with the client to put together a well-crafted business plan and worked through the application process for two different finance agencies that led to both of them bidding to fund the project.

As the project advanced, I provided financial and operational due diligence assistance, providing feedback on everything from the relative pay for staff, the level of maintenance and age of the equipment and the robustness of procedures and documentation underlying quality and health and safety systems. This information proved very important and led to a renegotiation of the purchase price offered for the business.

Other ERP

Plastics Industry

A client in the plastics industry had outgrown its existing account package. Stock information was held piecemeal and the business was finding it ever more difficult to access accurate stock levels for efficient workflow. The detailed evidence around lot-for-lot traceability required by more sophisticated customers was not possible.

I project managed a full review of software options available to the client. They opted to make the leap to a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This system integrated diverse areas of the business from product design, to production scheduling, as well as accounts and stock management. The project of specification, selection and deployment was project managed and overseen by BEXL.

Once implementation was complete, the client was in a position to secure higher margin business through improved traceability. With reliable “real-time” stock information, inventory levels were optimised to ensure that production schedules were more reliable and sales improved. The resulting improvements brought about in every area of the business left it ‘audit-ready’ at all times and set the business up for ongoing growth.

Value for Money Audit

Skincare Producer

A recently established skincare producer came to BEXL for assistance with cash-flow difficulties. After conducting a Value for Money Audit, I identified a number of areas for cost savings. I also established that the root cause was an under-budgeting of stock minimum order quantities at the outset of the business that had eaten into cash reserves. I put forward a number of proposals to increase stock turnover as quickly as possible and inject cash back into the business at little or no cost.

Ultimately, the client ran with the suggestion that “product-bundling” worked best for her business. Together we put in place a plan to sell in bulk this way and generate cash quickly and allow the client to continue to grow her business successfully.

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To schedule a call, click the button below to access my calendar. After you select the date and time, please use the form to share anything that will help prepare for our meeting.